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2012 Zach Ness Vegas®
Reviewer: Bob Yates
From: Eugene, Oregon, United States
Email: bob.yates@comcast.net
Date: 10/20/2011
Rider Height: 5' 8"
Rider Weight: 165
Miles/Hours: 36 miles
Overall Rating:
Specs: Cherokee Cycles Specs
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Jackpot Ridden vs. Zach Ness

I rode the 2012 Vegas Jackpot off the factory demo truck in Springfield, OR in September, not the Zach Ness model but will offer my personal opinions. The Jackpot had considerable understeer with the fat rear tire and skinny front tire -- the Zach Ness appears to have the right combination that I would want for curvy roads. Get rid of the huge "Kirby vacuum cleaner" mufflers -- too Japanese and especially ugly when stacked like this. Stagger them, put them on either side like a touring model, or replace with a 2-into-1 or Stage 1 version. Additionally, the sound was not there--too quiet. They need to be changed immediately.

Upgrades/Accessories:  A change of pipes at the factory at no extra cost or dealer install; deep dual seat; hard locking saddlebags and removable tour-pak (compact and not pointed); windshield or fairing; larger turn signals front and rear; dual headlights or two additional running lights on front and 3 big tail lights on rear (needed for safety).

Write your own Review of this Vehicle!

Jackpot Ridden vs. Zach Ness

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